Two Shows, One Artist

Printmaker, Valerie Perreault

Jungle Bird is a milti-layered trace monotype series on handmade washi paper.  It is inspired by the internal mixing of the artist’s home in the Florida Keys and a long slow summer spent in Costa Rica. Much of the wording on the art has been pulled from journal entries during the trip or snippets of overheard conversation while traveling.



Not unlike the title, “You May Have the Universe” is an ongoing show that encompasses the entirety of Perreault’s recent linocut work. Her block prints are all hand carved, hand inked, and hand pressed right here in the Portside Studio space.  Each batch is limited in number and remain in the show until all variants have been collected.  The work is inspired by her island lifestyle, but filtered through her poetic lens. 

Valerie is the owner of Portside Studio & Gallery. She is a published 

poet and printmaker hailing from Chicago, Austin, and Boston. After 

years of traveling as a journalist she found her home in the Florida 

Keys and began focusing solely on making art and working on poetry.


Valerie's work has been featured on HBO, PBS Art Loft, Buzzfeed, Book Riot,, Scottish Book Trust, Green Chair Press, and more. She is a finalist for the New Letters Literary Awards in poetry, received an honorable mention in the May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize, a fellowship recipient of the SLS Unified Literary Contest in Lithuania and Kenya, and a scholarship recipient to the Palm Beach Poetry Festival.  Recent writing can be found in Orange Coast Review, Martha's Vineyard Arts and Ideas, Swamp Ape Review, Bluestem, and upcoming in Delmarva Review.


Imperf3ct Paradise

Abstract Artist, Bill Judkins
"Things may be taken away, but there can be beauty in the imperfection that is left behind."

When you consider that beauty can emerge from anywhere, you realize that, even after natural disasters there can be beauty in the rebuilding process. Inspired first by the wheat-paste, activist posters of Shepard Fairey, and the purity of traditional graphic arts processes, I wondered what it would be to take the idea of windswept, weathered, torn, and decayed messages of activism and flip it to ‘vacationland’ advertising and promises. What do the billboards and promises of endless summer and paradise vacations look like after a natural disaster? 

Over the years, we have spent a lot of time in Key West, St. Martin, and West Palm Beach. We watched in horror as our good friends in St. Martin were terrorized by hurricane Irma in 2017. I’m sure this is something everyone here in Islamorada knows intimately as well. Five months later, we visited to bring our badly needed tourist dollars and check in, in-person on our dear friends. To witness first hand there, a resilience and need to rise-up, it sparked an idea in my mind.


The work is mixed-media collage and primarily composed of paper prints of my own photographs. I set out to reimagine the torn, distressed, decaying views of these paradise promises. These pieces are instead the moments of the proposed paradise that had been weathered and destroyed, but reimagined to be picked-up, found, and given a new meaning. My personal notes and thoughts are included at times on the pieces to help guide the viewer.


Other key influences for this exhibition were the work of artists Kurt Ketchum (Rochester, NY) and Barbara Teeslink (Scottsdale, AZ).

Things may be taken away, but there can be beauty in the imperfection that is left behind.


Bill Judkins has been an art director and graphic designer based in the Finger Lakes region of New York State for 30 years. 

The Edge of the Big Blue

Mediterranean Painter, Jano ENDS Nov 10st 2018
"...a lifetime on the shores..."

Mediterranean painter, JANO, invites you to enter his undisciplined, free world, where the sea is his muse and rules are meant to be broken. Currently based out of Barcelona, Spain, Jano traces his memories from a lifetime on the shores of the Mediterranean. He never pursued formal training, choosing instead to discover 

painting by being the master of his own projects. He worked through many techniques before finding his artistic personality, and now enjoys working outside convention, where inspiration flows from the edge of the big blue.

Born & Bred 

Marine Artist, Sam Milazzo ENDS June 1st 2018
"True Conch"

With over 20 years as a professional fisherman,

charter captain and artist, Sam Milazzo, is one of the rare "True Conchs". Born at Fishermen’s Hospital in Marathon, Sam grew up with Florida Keys fishing spots as his backyard. His passion for fishing and the beauty of the natural world provides him with the inspiration for his unique style of artwork. The same precision, dedication and focus that makes him one of the Keys’ best charter captains is applied to 

every work of art he creates. Sam comes from a long line of talented artist and craftsmen who's talent is reflected throughout his body of work. His mediums of choice consist of graphite and acrylics. 

Sam has been sharpening his skills for almost 20 years since taking his first art class in high school.He continues to grow in his ability and is considered by many in the community to be an up-and-coming artist after just recently 

starting to share his images with the public. Sam captures the imagination of his viewers with his stunning re-creations of wildlife. When asked to describe himself he responds by saying "I would first like to be know as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and also as a dedicated father to my son Hunter, who I enjoy sharing my passions for fishing and art with as well as my faith". Sam is committed to continuing to grow as an artist as well as a 

person and hopes to inspire others with his God-given talent.


Self Absorbed

The Contemporary Art of Sandra Attales
"not what your dad or grandma wanted me to paint"

In this series,“Self Absorbed,” Sandra explores a personal Q and A with herself. "Each piece is like a subtitle,” she says, “a subtitle of a stupid saying or feeling, made visual. These works are not what your dad or grandma wanted me to paint, but they came anyway. I’m kind of asking, who are you compared to me? Who am I compared to you? Is what I like about you what I see in myself? How do we understand ourselves and how do we understand others? How do we project ourselves onto others to figure out our own identity and relationships?”

Sandra has a BFA in Painting, with additional concentration in graphic design, from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has worked as a freelance designer and illustrator with fortune 500 companies, such as SPANX and Shaw Contract Group. She learned the art of cake design as an apprentice under Food Network’s “Top Sugar Artists,” Karen Porteleo and Joshua John Russell. During her time with the Food Network stars she aided in the construction of life-sized edible sculptures for the Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, and several celebrity events.  These opportunities impact the way Sandra approaches her own art today. She is constantly evolving, while implementing past experiences and learned techniques. The continuing search for inspiration is the ever so illusive and alluring element of Sandra’s career as a contemporary artist.

Ebb & Flow

Suzanne Le Mehaute's Breathtaking Fiber Art 
"Lots and lots of knots."


Art and family.  It is a careful balance of ebb and flow for Suzanne Le Mehaute.  There's been a lot of change, after calling the Florida Keys home for 13 years, she and her family moved to Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, and after two decades as a photographer, she decided put the camera down and explore other ways to create.  That’s when she fell in love with fiber art. Macramé, weaving, rya rug making… Suzanne works with all of it; ultra fine alpaca yarn to super bulky cotton rope. She enjoys finding new creative ways to use knots. Lots and lots of knots. 

Suzanne’s vision is to make knotted yarn and rope reflect the many different textures and moods of the ocean. From calm to turbulent—just like our lives.